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Principal Consultants

Frank Daller, is a co-founder of SoyaDairy. He was formerly the President of, and a partner in ProSoya Inc., the Canadian-based soymilk technology company. Besides his work with SoyaDairy, he is President of Malnutrition Matters, a non-profit organization devoted to food technology for development. Both his commercial and non-profit work has involved extensive soymilk-related activity in developing countries. His professional experience includes work in Russia and the former Soviet Union, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and South Asia, as well as the Caribbean and Latin America. Frank has 17 years of experience with soymilk and derivative soyfoods, which includes marketing, processing and product development, for both small and large scale operations. He also speaks English, French and German.

Brian Harrigan, MBA, P.Eng. (Mechanical Engineer), is also a co-founder of SoyaDairy. He was, until 2000, the Executive Vice-President and Director of Engineering at ProSoya Inc. During his time there, and later as President of the non-profit, Malnutrition Matters, he became an expert in soymilk/soyfood production and technology. His business training is also a major asset to SoyaDairy and its clients. His experience includes developments in Russia and the CIS, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. His background also includes financial management, relations with government and NGO's, and a strong commitment to humanitarian and global nutrition issues. He is fluent in English and French and has a working knowledge of Russian and Spanish.

Tofu and Tofu-Derivatives

Koichi Watanabe is a tofu expert with twenty-five years of commercial experience. While his family in Japan has been producing tofu for over forty years, Koichi started in Canada by producing and selling tofu from an apartment kitchen in 1978. The next year, with used equipment sent from Japan, he began serious commercial production in a plant in Hull, Quebec, next to Ottawa. His business, called La Soyarie, now operates in a 12,000 square foot plant with 22 employees. His products include tofu burgers, nuggets, cutlets, "meatballs", vegetarian paté, and naturally, five different kinds of tofu. Koichi has traveled extensively, and is committed to supporting both small and larger SoyaDairy initiatives in developing countries.


Expertise in Developing Countries